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Manta Foam Roller
Manta Foam Roller - manta health
Manta Foam Roller - manta health
A video showing a women placing the manta foam roller at the base of her spine and rolling up and down her lower back, massaging tight muscles.
Manta Foam Roller
Manta Foam Roller

Manta Foam Roller

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The manta foam roller - Designed by an osteopath to treat back pain and stiffness, while speeding up muscular recovery after exercise and improving all round mobility.

The unique curves and ridges mould around the contours of your spine allowing the central ridges of the roller to target the important, but hard to reach, erector spinae muscles and facet joints that run either side of the spinal column. These structures are missed by practically all other rollers! It also allows it to be the only foam roller that is safe and effective to use on the lower back, to relieve tension and stiffness.

The stylish contours allow for light, medium or deep massage depending on what your body needs helping you to recover faster after exercise, so you can train even harder. 

Each foam roller has a QR code on the inner surface which links straight to demonstration videos so you can learn to roll anywhere. 

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Customer Reviews

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Reduces back pain and stiffness

By targeting the hard to reach muscles and joints the manta foam roller can help segmental spinal movement, mobilise the rib cage and reduce tension in the muscles of the back, helping movement and reducing tension. 

Improves muscle recovery and tone

The manta foam roller is very effective at helping muscles recover after sport and exercise. By improving localised circulation and through myofascial release it can reduce the symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness so your body can recover faster. 

Designed for the whole body

The manta roller’s versatile shape can treat the whole body. From the soles of your feet that might be suffering with plantar fasciitis; to the large muscles of the legs that get tight after exercise; to the small muscles of the upper neck contributing to your tension headaches - the manta roller can treat it all. 

Designed by a professional osteopath

The anatomy first design came from the experience of treating all types of patients, from professional athletes with sports injuries, to office workers with poor posture and stiff joints. The manta roller is now stocked and recommended by clinics all over the UK. 

Safe & effective to use on the low back

Most foam rollers can not be used on the low back, yet 80% of adults experience low back pain at some point in their life. Using the right technique, the manta roller treats the muscles of the lower back in a safe and effective way. 

Reaches muscles and joints other rollers can not

The unique spinal groove allows the manta roller to mould around the spine targeting the very important erector spinae muscles. The design also allows for more direct pressure to be applied to the spinal joints, leading to a profound spinal mobilisation and release. 

How to use the Manta Foam Roller.

Effective Headache Relief and Neck Pain Treatment with a Foam Roller


I love my Manta roller, it has become an integral part of my post run stretching routine, for my legs as well as releasing my back really deeply. Highly recommended foam roller 

Lily Cumming M.Ost ND DO, Osteopath

Absolutely love this foam roller. Fantastic for releasing trigger points in the rhomboids and deep back muscles that other rollers can’t reach. Also gets deeper into spinal joints. Highly recommended 

Sian Smith M.Ost ND DO, Osteopath