Upper Back


Upper back discomfort and stiffness is incredibly common. One of the biggest risk factors is having a desk job. The posture needed to sit for long hours often pulls our shoulders forwards and hunches our mid and upper back. 

This can cause our most important postural muscles, the erector spinae, and spinal joints to get tight, causing pain and lack of mobility. The erector spinae muscles run either side of the spine from the pelvis to the neck, and most foam rollers miss these hard to reach muscles as they sit lower than the boney protrusions of the spine. 

The manta roller was designed specifically to treat these muscles and joints allowing to ease the taught muscles; loosen stiff joints and improve posture more effectively than other foam rollers. 

A mobile mid back is also very important in sport and exercises. It allows for better all-round body biomechanics, improving performance and reducing the risk of injury.