Our Story

Man foam rolling using a manta foam roller on the back of his thigh

Harry qualified from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine with a Masters degree in osteopathy in 2013. After practicing in several busy clinics and treating everyone from professional athletes to desk bound executives he began to apply his clinical and anatomical knowledge to making foam rollers more effective. Harry believes having well designed health products people can use regularly at home is an important part of staying healthy and pain free.

Harry wanted to design a foam roller that took into consideration the natural contours of the human body; a foam roller that targeted the areas that osteopaths, physios and chiropractors treat every day in clinic but are missed by all other foam rollers on the market.

The result was the unique Manta Foam Roller design. The spinal groove allows Manta Rollers to mould around the spine and target the most important postural muscles and spinal joints improving mobility and reducing pain. The functional shape allows for light, medium or deep tissue massage and is safe and effective to use on the lower back. The central ridges fit perfectly to the muscles at the base of the skull, which when tight can contribute to tension headaches, and can glide in between the bodies bony prominences to treat hard to reach muscles.

Harry has now combined his osteopathy practice based in Walthamstow, East London, under the Manta brand and continues to enjoy working with patients to get them pain free and able to achieve their goals. 

Harry Rogers, Osteopath, treating a patient