Our Story

The manta foam roller was designed to help patients get better faster and stay well longer.

I've used foam rollers personally and with patients and have found them a very useful tool. However, I couldn't help but think that with a clinical and anatomical input they could be so much better, especially when dealing with back pain and stiffness. 

Until now foam rollers shouldn't be used on the lower back at all, and missed some of the most important postural muscles in the body. Using my clinical experience allowed me to introduce a new functional design, that targeted the hard to reach muscles and joints I work on when treating patients in clinic. The manta roller moulds around the spine, missing protruding bones and focuses the pressure where it needs to be - on the erector spinae muscles and spinal facet joints. This means it is safe and effective to use on the lower back, as well as the mid and upper spine. 

The undulating curves work just as well on the larger muscles of the lower limb, as they do on the back. The firm eva foam speeds up muscular recovery after exercise and improves joint range of movement, helping to prevent injury and improve performance.