Frequently Asked Questions

The Manta foam roller was designed by a professional osteopath with over 7 years of clinical experience. It was designed with your bodies anatomy in mind. The unique shape allows it to mould around your spine and other bony projections making it much more comfortable and effective, as it can reach the muscles other rollers can't and so deliver much better results. 

The movement in our spine comes from facet joints which are situated in pairs in between each vertebra. As we roll it can cause these joints to separate. As they separate the capsule around them gets stretched and a vacuum inside the joint occurs; gasses are released and then dissolve causing the ‘popping’ sound. Exactly the same process happens when you click your knuckles. 

While the manta roller is especially well suited for use on the back it is also great for the muscles of your lower torso and limbs, glutes and ITB etc just as a conventional roller is. The Raised ridges means it can get deeper into the muscle allowing for better stimulation and relief. 

No. So long as there is no sharp pain with it, getting clicks (or cavitations to give it its proper name) in your spine and other joints is fine. It actually helps to increase the mobility at that joint and allows the surrounding muscles to relax. Due to the Manta shape it targets the facet joints in the spine more than other rollers leading to an overall better spinal mobilisation and often an increased number of cavitations. 

Slow. If you roll fast you will only skim the surface of the muscles.Try and roll slowly and firmly. This will enable the treatment of painful trigger points and tight muscles to be more effective. 

There are two different density Foam Rollers. The Manta Eilte roller is extra firm, perfect for the experinced foam roller or those who prefer a deeper soft tissue massage. The Ripple roller is medium firm to suit people new to foam rolling or who like a lighter massage. 

 It is totally normal for it to be a bit sore or uncomfortable when you are foam rolling, especially if you are new to it. The more regularly you roll the easier it will feel. Like getting a deep tissue or sports massage the roller has to get deep into the muscles, which can be sore at times, in order stimulate the muscles to relax and loosen.